5 Beginner Inshore Fishing Myths Debunked

Here’s 5 of the most common inshore fishing myths DEBUNKED!

Are you just starting your inshore saltwater fishing journey?

There’s a lot of inaccurate information out there.

Unlock the TRUTH below!!

Inshore Fishing Myths Debunked [VIDEO]

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Myth #1: You Need Live Bait To Catch Fish

This is absolutely not true.

Every day, dozens on dozens of our Insider Members are sharing reports of BIG fish they caught on artificial lures.

We are not saying live bait does not catch fish.

In fact, if you are a beginner, you should try out live shrimp while fishing inshore.

You’ll wind up catching something.

But, you don’t need to always rely on live bait.

If you take the time to master artificial lures, it can save you TIME and MONEY!

Myth #2: You Need A TON Of Different Lures

We’re all susceptible to clever marketing telling us we need the latest and greatest lure out there.

But, what we teach at Salt Strong is simplicity.

Mastering a few different lure profiles is going to go much further in your fishing success than having every lure known to man.

Find your confidence bait that no matter where or when you can work well to entice a bite.

Myth #3: Color Is MORE Important Than You Think

Color doesn’t really matter all that much.

You’ll hear all sorts of different opinions on lure colors from anyone you know.

The reality is – they ALL work!

The most important thing is finding the feeding fish.

If you’re out there fishing, it is very rare that a slight color change will make the difference.

We need to focus on finding the feeding fish.

Once that is accomplished, we can talk about lure profiles as well as depth coverage.

Myth #4: Fish Don’t Bite During Certain Seasons

In reality, fish are going to eat all year round.

You just need to be where they’re going to be feeding.

Fish follow trends.

During certain times of the year depending on seasonal changes, fish are going to move.

They likely won’t be in the same places.

Myth #5: You NEED A Boat To Catch Big Fish

This is one of the biggest fallacies out there.

It is absolutely not true that you NEED a vessel.

You can still catch a ton of quality fish from shore, you just need to take capitalize on the advantages.

Land-based anglers have the advantage of stealth.

You can get closer to fish and scare less fish away.

Use what you have to your advantage before thinking about leveling up.


In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.


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The Insider Community platform is what you can use to see what is biting near you, and you can get to know other members who fish in your area. Plus, you can use it to keep a log of your catches so you can use past trips to help predict future catches.

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Steven Free
10 days ago

Oh I know pat that these are all false considering about the livebait thing first of all I have no patience waiting for the fish to come along and see and or smell bait I have used lures all my life first for freshwater when I was a kid for bass, northern pike, crappie, walleye, steelhead and brown trout as well as great lakes Chinook salmon I look at it like this I used to deer hunt with my father when I was a kid and to me fishing with bait is like deer hunting in otherwords its a waiting game your not finding the fish with bait but hoping they will find you and as far as having to have a boat I used to fish out of a yak until I bought my carolina skiff and it’s been love ever since but I was equally successful with my yak as I am with my boat I just like to fish in different spots more and a yak gives you pretty limited range unless you don’t care about time now as far as different colors I do believe some colors do Excell in some areas as to others for instance the slam shady here in the jax area I have found not as good as the gold digger or fred because of our murky water where clear water the slam shady color is better in and in the case of alot of lures needed I also believe this is false and believe that getting good with a few for different conditions is better then a big tackle box filled with all kinds of different ones that the user has never used before and also fish obviously bite in all seasons to me this is common sence considering we as well as all animals and fish have to eat no matter when the time of year gotta eat to survive I think though to me the one thing I have noticed and talked to newbie anglers that is imperative to develop is you have to have confidence in whatever your using otherwise your wasting your time and probably will give up upon failure anyways though great advice especially for the beginners thanks for it and all you do😀👍

John Lach
11 days ago

Very true. I have caught 30 lb drum from shore with chinese buffett cooked shrimp.

Mark Ethridge
11 days ago

just my 2 cents. myth #2 you need a few different types of baits to build confidence in your tackle box. Don’t rely on the same couple of plastic baits all the time. Myth #3 lure selection should be the following, 1 am able to fish it at the speed the fish want. 2 am I using the size bait the fish want. and then 3 pick your color based on conditions.

Jason Strongosky
12 days ago

This video is going to make go through all my gear because I have that I never use and probably won’t . Awesome video

Frank Santana
12 days ago

Pat, good video and spot on with the information. Thanks for your valuable knowledge and sharing !!!

12 days ago

Awesome video feed Information Pat. It 100% makes sense to follow the fish and not wait around for them to find you 🤜🤛

DAVE Alderman
12 days ago

Going on my second year being part of Saltstrong, I think your advice is dead on.

1) Cannot speak to the live bait because I haven’t pursued that type of fishing yet.

2) Have embraced the idea of becoming proficient at using 2 lures and have stuck with it. The slam shady 2.0 and gulp swimming mullet (based on local intel in the community) are the lures I use. Over the past year have absolutely gained confidence in these 2 lures. If I’m not catching that means the fish are not there and need to make a move.

3) Do not get stuck on the issue of color, I use white or chartreuse. If not catching, the fish are not there, and similar to before, need to make a move.

4) Currently this is the area that I’m developing in. In Virginia fish migrate out in the winter, therefore, have had great success in changing target species.

5) I’m a kayak fisherman, what has contributed to being more successful is mastering what I can do with what I have. What that looks like for me is finding multiple locations to launch from and limiting how far I paddle to about a mile and spending more time fishing the structures available verses spending a majority of my time paddling to a distant location to fish for 30 minutes.

Thanks Saltstrong for helping me learn to fish.

David Ulgenalp
12 days ago

Great post Pat. This will save beginners and experienced fishermen a lot of time, money and angst if they take your suggestions. Most importantly, they’ll likely catch more and bigger fish.


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